Tuesday, June 15

little julia

Isn't she the most stunning little creature ever?! The curls alone!
Oh. My. Goodness!
I've had the chance to have her in my cute little pre-school class this year and I can't help but snuggle her to peices every single day.
She has grown so much since our last session (see here and here) and since the beginning of the school year.
She is such a doll! I love this girl!!

But... despite all her adorable-ness and her ever present beauty this little one
has a mind of her own
The only things that kept her in one place was:
a. cheerios
b. my reflector that she used a cushioned seat.

She challenged me with her .5 millisecond eye contact with the camera, very little interest in:
1. being held by mom or dad
2. sitting
3. standing
4. or in any other way being told what to do

and yet...


Timeless images.

She must have known what she was doing all along.
A little mysterious, a little hard to get. Watch out Boys!
This one is in control and we all stand in awe!


Little said...

you have such a talent!!!! beautiful pictures :)

zenshopping said...

I'm really impressed with your photography. The backgrounds are beautiful and lend themselves well to your subject matter. Mine were so bad, I had to remove them from my pictures!

I just got back into photography and I'm loving it. Your pictures remind me of the creativity I lost touch with. I can't wait to start snapping more pictures.

Thanks for the inspiration.

If you want to see my pictures, you can view my blog or my website: www.zenshopping.ca. I took all the pictures of the models.

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