Wednesday, September 29

to celebrate a life

In the Mormon faith when a baby enters this world, innocent and pure,
rather than celebrating their life through baptism,
a baby is given a name and a blessing. 

The name that she will be known throughout her life is 
Reagan Michelle

My sister asked me to photograph the heirloom pieces Reagan wore for her blessing.
I was privileged enough to go with her in choosing the dress. This one spoke to us, it's simplicity and elegance. The blanket was made by my mother, the shoes by a neighbor, other timeless pieces that are sure to last for generations to come.
I'll be taking pictures of Reagan in the dress soon... I can't wait. She's so beautiful!!


Amy said...

I LOVE these! Can't wait to print some off, hint, hint!!

Verena said...

What a beautiful dress! I love your photos!

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